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Düsseldorf - Host City of the UEFA EURO 2024!
The Düsseldorf police are looking forward to a soccer festival. For the first time since the European Championship in 1988, Düsseldorf is the venue for international soccer.
Information for residents and public viewing
The safety of all soccer fans during UEFA EURO 2024 is a top priority for the police. To ensure a successful soccer festival for all visitors to Düsseldorf, we provide information on various prevention topics here.
Fan Zones and Public Viewing
Don't have a ticket for the arena? You can still be there live.
Around the matches during UEFA EURO 2024, soccer fans will also have the opportunity to celebrate and watch the matches together away from the arena. More information here.
Information for residents
Here you will find up-to-date information on closures and other obstacles
On this page, the Düsseldorf police will provide residents with all important information during UEFA EURO 2024.
Where you can find us
Around the soccer matches

Düsseldorf police
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