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The NRW police on TikTok
You can find personal insights into the day-to-day work of the NRW police on our TikTok channel.

The police in person and entertaining, yet still informative and relevant. Anyone who wants to know what training and the police profession entail will get a - not always entirely serious - look behind the scenes here.

To the TikTok channel of the NRW police

Data protection on TikTok

TiKTok is a social media platform whose app can be downloaded free of charge via iOS or Android on your smartphone. Users can create media such as short videos and share them with the community or with the general public outside the platform. Exchange with other users takes place via an integrated chat or via a comment function on the video clips.

The TikTok profile of the police in NRW can be found via the search function. By clicking on "Follow" you become a follower of the account, which is visible to the administrators of the account as well as to your friends and possibly other TikTok users.

Personal user data, i.e. data with which you can be personally identified, is collected when you access the police service. Please note that the scope of data transmission depends on whether you access the TikTok account anonymously or are already logged in with your own profile.
We would like to point out that you use the TikTok service on your own responsibility. What information TikTok receives and how it is used is described by TikTok in general terms in its privacy policy.

Information on data protection when using TikTok

An account must be created for further use of the service and for interaction. Only a small amount of data is required for this when you register, but it is requested from your smartphone when you use the platform via the app. 
For further information on Tiktok's data protection, please refer to the service's privacy policy:

There you will also find information on how to contact TikTok and on the settings options for advertisements.

We do not know how your data is processed or used in detail. Please make the appropriate privacy settings in your account and check exactly what information you publish!

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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110