Automotive engineering
and Automotive IT
Today, cars are computers on wheels. In sub-department 31.4 (vehicle technology and automotive IT) at the LZPD Duisburg, department head Thomas Franta and his 19-strong team are exploring the many possibilities for police work that have been opened up by vehicle-related information technology. The aim is not to follow developments, but to set standards themselves.
Automated and connected driving
Minister Reul: "We think about the police right from the start"
The police have taken part in the research project "Automated driving in the digital test field KoMoDnext in Düsseldorf. Minister Reul: "Our aim remains to get the police involved in automated and networked driving from the outset. We are demonstrating today what could become reality tomorrow: the green wave at the touch of a button for emergency services.
in traffic safety work
A speeding crash after a prohibited car race on public roads or a minor collision after a turning accident - the question of fault is often difficult to answer. With the securing of digital vehicle tracks, it will be easier in future to prove negligence or intent. The ProDigi project, which was carried out by the NRW State Office for Central Police Services (LZPD) from March 2017 to June 2019, is making clear progress.
Testphase gestartet ─ Minister Reul: Mini-Kameras sind nützliche Zeugen hinter der Windschutzscheibe.
Reul: "With the new app, we can record accidents more quickly and reduce bureaucracy."
Have you ever had to pay a warning fine to the NRW police? This is now faster and more convenient in NRW. The remittance slips (payment slips) that you used to receive will be replaced.
in traffic accident prevention
in the fight against crime
The mobile data acquisition and analysis laboratory (MODAL) of the NRW State Office of Criminal Investigation is unique in Germany and can be of use wherever data needs to be collected quickly. So actually always.
Police questioning by video! In future, all 47 district police authorities in NRW will be able to conduct interviews online. A relief for the criminal investigation department and citizens.
Minister Reul: Die Bürgerinnen und Bürger sollen sich über das Risiko in ihrer Nachbarschaft informieren können. Das schärft die Sinne und beugt vor.
in training
Digital radio
and smartphones
Police officers now have access to various apps to support their work, such as the deployment app with information app, document scanner and messenger on their smartphones. The complete digital recording of criminal complaints and the identification of people by their fingerprint via app are currently being developed.
of the police
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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110