On the left, close-up of a knife in the hand of an unknown person, in the background a group of three people out of focus
Danger from knife attacks
How to behave correctly.

Many people's sense of security is impaired when knives are used in violent confrontations.

Code of conduct in public spaces

  • Leave the knife at home. In conflict situations, you will not even be tempted to use the knife.
  • Remember: Simply carrying a knife can be a criminal offense.
  • Knives are also not recommended for self-protection. They can be used against you very quickly and put you in danger yourself.

If you are threatened with a knife, the police advise the following:

  • If a knife is used during a conflict, do not seek a confrontation, but flee.
  • Dial the emergency number 110 immediately


  • If you see someone pull out a knife, the police advise the following:
  • If you witness a knife being used: Do not put yourself in danger, keep your distance and call 110 immediately. Getting help quickly can be vital.


Even small knives can cause serious injuries or, in the worst case, even be fatal. Stab wounds or cuts to arms or legs can also become life-threatening within a very short time.

Further information

You can find more information in this guide and on the websites listed below.

Police crime prevention program of the federal states and the federal government: Internet page Knives can be deadly, as at: August 2022
Website of the NRW police: Weapons law, Weapons calendar 2020 information sheet

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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110